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Upholstery & Varnishing Services, Repair & Restore of Furniture, Custom Made Furniture

Why choose Us?

At Forest Leather, from the smallest detail of workmanship to the cleanliness, we take pride in things we do. With years of experiences, our masters & consultants will provide ideas & solutions for every difficulty that we come across. We will treat your furniture with care.

We try our best to make upholstery a affordable thing to do. Not just to save the environment but to allow most of the people have a chance to choose and decorate/design their house with beautiful furniture. 

We treat every client with a genuine sincere smile & we hope its a two-way gesture. We will be nice if you are nice to us too! 


  • Re-upholstery for Existing Furniture
  • Varnishing of Wooden / Antique Furniture
  • Repair & Restoration of Furniture
  • Custom Made Furniture
  • Upholstery for Cinema/Auditorium Seats/Wall
  • Upholstery for Indoor / Outdoor Furniture
  • Padded Wall Panels for Restaurants / Offices
  • Custom Booth Seats / Settee Cushions
  • Yacht / Ship Cushion Upholstery
  • Curtains & Blinds
  • Respray Paint & Lacquer for Furniture
  • Supply Quality Fabrics (Indoor & Outdoor)
  • Supply Quality Synthetic leather
  • Supply Quality Genuine Leather
  • Supply Quality Foam

We focus on workmanship, quality & services at affordable prices.

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