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Furniture Reupholstery

Furniture reupholstery is giving your old furniture a makeover. 

The old padding, covering or cushion is carefully removed so that the frame of the furniture is revealed. 

The joints and integrity of the frame are examined. Repairs and tightening are done so that the frame is strong and renewed. 

A new padding, covering or cushion of your chosen material, quality and design is then fixed onto the frame. 

Your furniture looks and feels totally new, all at the fraction of the price of a new one!

Furniture Customisation

Furniture customisation is having your new furniture built according to your preferences. 

You get to choose the material and design of the frame, the fabric and finishing of your furniture. 

This is important when you want a distinct style for your furniture so that no other people in the world have the same design as yours. 

Usually, businesses such as hotels, retail shops and restaurants do this as part of their branding efforts.

Varnishing & Repair

Varnishing For your Wooden Furniture. Giving it a new look with little matte-shine. Great texture to feel and non-sticky. 

You can even change the color of your wooden furniture. Done and mixed by our varnishing master.

Can be done for antiques furniture, wooden sofa and tables. Minor repair can be done before varnishing. 

Varnishing also act as a protection top layer for your wooden furniture.

Outdoor Upholstery

Using materials and foam meant for outdoor usage including outdoor PVC, Fabrics,  Mesh & Rattan. 
Can be done for loose cushions,  sun-loungers, outdoor sofas, chairs, yacht and ship cushions.  


Padded Wall Panels

Fabrication of walls is giving your walls a layer of cushion, with materials and design of your choice so that your walls look stylish and feels comfortable when leaned against.

It can also consume noise and act as a acoustic panel!

Quality Materials

Apart from using the quality materials in the furniture we make, we also sell them if you need to use them for your own purpose.

We have a wide range of materials that include fabrics, genuine leather, synthetic leather, and outdoor materials.